Sig Hutchinson

We’re setting the odds. You send the money. (Checks payable to cash, please.) Read more



Steve Oliva and Christopher Williams

“I’m convinced they did not try to kill this light rail project because of all the things they mentioned. They did not want this project for some reason.” Read more

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Visit Raleigh

“Several Raleigh City Council members, including myself, were never consulted.” Read more

Wake County 1 Comments

"It's cumbersome and really defeats our primary goal of providing housing," Mayor Nancy McFarlane said. Read more

Wake County

The board voted to sell the former Crooked Creek Golf Course, which it purchased just last year with plans to turn into a park. Read more

Wake County 3 Comments

We’re backing Sig Hutchinson, Matt Calabria, Susan Evans, Greg Ford, and Vickie Adamson Read more


At a neighborhood’s urging, four commissioners want to turn the land into a park. The other three say the county should fund its school system first. Elections are next month. Read more

Wake County

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    Leigh Tauss

    Wake County Commissioner Sig Hutchinson declares victory in the 2018 election.