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The Broad City star will perform at DPAC on March 6. Read more


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photo by Maria Baranova

A philosophical dance theater company and a genius poet combine their talents on a timeless tale of strong women and civil disobedience at Carolina Performing Arts. Read more


The record company is an offshoot of Helium Comedy Club, the chain that owns Goodnights Comedy Club. Read more



Design by Annie Maynard and Rudi Petry

“The point is that art is not just treated as just a hobby.” Read more

North Carolina


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Strip away the period trappings of Terrence McNally's Tony-winning musical, and America in 2019 looks much like America in 1906. Read more



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More than just a promising season of musical theater, Deb Royals-Mizerk's new venture is a vision of sharing and coordinating that the local theater community sorely needs. Read more



photo by Marie-Laure Briane

"Loch na hEala," Michael Keegan-Dolan’s beautiful nightmare of Irish sin, salvation, and transformation, shatters a classic ballet into astonishing dance-theater stage pictures. Read more



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Tickets go on sale at 10:00 a.m. today, and if you want any, you better act fast. Read more


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photo by Cindy McEnery

The long-running community theater announced today that Charles Phaneuf, who has been executive director since 2012, will leave the organization at the end of January. Read more



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The Duke Performances puppet-theater show gives the characters in the seminal "Little Nemo in Slumberland" strip what their creator never did: a voice and a choice. Read more


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Judah Friedlander, the man of a thousand trucker hats, is bringing his "Future President" tour to The PIT. Read more


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Euripides’s unhurried, unsparing account of conquerors and the conquered has challenged artists and audiences for more than two millennia. Read more



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The comedian who etched the words "smoky eye" into the controversy lexicon is also immersing herself in stand-up, and she's coming to Raleigh for three nights this week. Read more


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Photo by Isabella Sullivan

“There was a dress that changed everything, a dress that said not just who you are, but that you are.” Read more

Style Issue

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Photo by Zoe Litaker

“Dance in Durham is a lot wider and more diverse than many people think it is.” Read more


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Photograph by Anthony Miracola

The play, which just closed at Ward Theatre, is tipped for a revival this spring, and we hope it happens. Read more


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In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “Just an evening?” Read more


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Pushed over the edge by a single snow pea on white porcelain, a New York food critic goes rogue In Heidi Armbruster's bracing new comedy. Read more



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Despite the fine acting in the refugee drama being staged inside an industrial shipping container outside CAM Raleigh, the set design breaks the immersion. Read more



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Come for the Halloween-worthy tale and stay for the sinister score, provocative choreography, and thoughtful performances of this world premiere. Read more


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    Nils Schlebusch

    The Day

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    Photo by Tim Walter

    Renay Aumiller

  • 12.5-stage-buy-it-call-it-no-title.jpg

    Photo by Derrick Beasley

    Monét Noelle Marshall standing with members of her community

  • The Revolutionists

    photo by Areon Mobasher

    The Revolutionists

    Melanie Simmons in The Revolutionists at Raleigh Little Theatre

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    photo by Tim Walter

    Curve of Departure