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"The factual circumstances surrounding this case are deeply disturbing." Read more

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Following secret negotiations, BOG gave the SCV $2.6 million to protect a toppled UNC-Chapel Hill Confederate monument. Read more

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At any given moment, students are making beats on their laptops or rapping in front of their mirrors. Few see their university’s music departments as welcoming spaces. Read more

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The day she quit, UNC-Chapel Hill’s chancellor tried to put the Silent Sam controversy to rest once and for all. It didn’t work, and her legacy is far from settled. Read more

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Sara Pequeño

Protesters gathered at the former Silent Sam site to protest the Board of Governors’ decision to give a neo-Confederate group the monument (and a few million bucks). Read more

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This time, the complaint is over “dirty fossil fuels” affecting students’ quality of life. Read more

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“My parents were refugees from Vietnam. Growing up, we didn’t exactly have much.” Read more

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Carolina Workers Collective

“We can tell from the video that the desire to physically and forcibly remove antiracist students from our own campus came out of an ideological opposition to antiracism on the part of the police.” Read more

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Let’s get you up to speed. Read more


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“They did it first” is not a quality argument. Read more


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Tony Crider

One was nearly cleared of a public urination charge—until the prosecutor reminded the judge of a photo showing the word “piss” on the monument’s surface with an arrow helpfully pointing to a pool of liquid. Read more

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“So that’s how I started my first day of a new semester, humiliated and afraid on my own campus.” Read more

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Cofounder Nikole Hannah-Jones, a UNC alum, is now a staff writer at the NYT Magazine, where she envisioned the recent landmark 1619 Project. Read more

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Phil Fonville

The renowned UNC physician and AIDS researcher, who died this weekend, reflects in a previously unpublished interview on what led him to advocacy. Read more

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And other things out readers told us this week. Read more

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At UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, and Wake Forest, black students comprise less than 10 percent of the student body. Read more

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UNC Police Chief Jeff McCracken retiring after tumultuous year


Jeff McCracken’s departure comes at the end of a tumultuous academic year at UNC that also saw the resignation of UNC Chancellor Carol Folt and UNC system president Margaret Spellings. Read more

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Jordan Green

The student, Julia Pulawski, was convicted on two counts of assaulting an officer based on what she calls “false testimony.” Read more

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Chancellor Carol Folt’s final meeting with the Board of Trustees took another step toward inclusiveness. Read more

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    Carolina Workers Collective

    Aug. 31, 2018, body-cam footage

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    Tony Crider

    Ryan Barnett and Nancy McCorkle display a flag stolen from the UNC System Office during a protest against Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour in Hillsborough on March 31.

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    Photo by Jenny Warburg

    Tim Osborn (in the white “56” shirt) scuffles with Joshua Pennington at a clash between pro-Silent Sam and antiracism demonstrators on August 25, 2018.

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    Joy Meyer

    "Persuasion" by Joy Meyer