Over 18,000 people cast their votes ahead of Election Day, up nearly 7,500 from 2017 Read more

Wake County


Photo provided by Francis for Mayor. Design by Annie Maynard.

Francis is driven by ambition, destiny, and a sense of the greater good—and a conviction that the greater good is him. Read more

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Jade Wilson

State Board of Elections chairman Robert Condle’s abrupt resignation leaves the fate of some voting machines up in the air. Read more

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The state elections board says all ballots will be counted. Read more

North Carolina

We’ve compiled guides that show all the polling locations in both Durham County and Wake County, the nearest bus stop(s) for each polling place, and the bus lines that serve them. Read more

North Carolina


Photo by Sarah Willets

They're among more than seventy-five local elected officials across the state saying #NixAllSix. Read more

Durham County

In a video entitled Voter Fraud 101 Dan Forest (falsely) decries "rampant" voter fraud ... and gives step-by-step directions on how to do it. Read more

North Carolina

Buy some local music and support voting rights. It's easy! Read more



Photo by KCIvey/Flickr/Creative Commons.