111 West Parrish Street, Durham

(704) 213-6666


The Carrack is an art gallery, but over its five-year existence in downtown Durham, it has also grown into a thriving, vital performance space for shows that require closer listening, an experimentally inclined audience, or a more intimate setting than a nightclub might allow. In addition to art shows that change every two weeks, you’ll find choreographer Justin Tornow’s PROMPTS series, where dancers and others often field-test new works; free-improv ensemble Cyanotype’s wide-open Tuesday night performances; poetry readings and experimental writing events; and DIDA and Culture Mill dance shows. A diverse slate of one-offs further attests to the space’s flexibility, from the secret show by Deerhunter that put the Carrack on the map as a venue in 2014 to New York sax quartet Battle Trance last year.