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How Hollywood Casting Director and Local Entrepreneur Beverly Tan Shows Up for the Queer Community

With her rainbow-colored hair, sparkly eye makeup, and iridescent nails, Beverly Tan is immediately recognizable. The 30-year-old lesbian shines with self-assurance, exuding queerness even in a run-of-the-mill coffee shop.  “I’m a wannabe lesbian icon,” Tan says with a bright smile. “I’ll be the most rainbow fish in the small pond.” In many ways, Tan is just being herself. She loves…

15 Minutes: Rebecca Feinglos

Former NC government worker, certified grief support specialist, and founder of Grieve Leave, a grief support group for millennials and Gen Z



A New Book Gives a Roadmap for Making Reparations a Reality 

The Black Reparations Project  | edited by William Darity, A. Kirsten Mullen, and Lucas Hubbard | University of California Press  |  May 23 The Black Reparations Project isn’t an easy read, but it definitely belongs on bedside tables. This collection of essays—edited by Chapel Hill writer A. Kirsten Mullen and Duke economists William Darity Jr.…