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Please submit your events using our online form AFTER CONSULTING THE GUIDELINES BELOW. The form can be found at the preceding link, at the bottom of our homepage under "Submit," or on the calendar tool on the Events page.

We strive for a broad listing of local arts, music, activism, film and food events, but we cannot guarantee the inclusion of every event.

The deadline is Wednesday by 5 p.m. for publication in the following Wednesday's issue.

Event descriptions will be edited for length, clarity, and house style. 

We do not list classes, karaoke, book clubs, or trivia nights. Activism calendar is online only.


1. Type the event’s name in the “Event Name” field, using a standard title case (no all-caps).
-For Music, use the name of the act.
-For Food, use the name of the event.
-For Art, use the name of the artist and/or exhibit.
-For Stage, use the name of the group/performer and the show title if applicable.
-For Page, use the name of the reader/lecturer.
-For Screen, use the name of the film.

2. Choose the appropriate Category from the drop-down menu.
-Music is for concerts, dine & listen, and jams/open mikes.
-Food is for one-time or limited-run events such as special dinners and wine tastings.
-Art is for visual art exhibits and events.
-Stage is for dance, theater, comedy, and other non-musical performances.
-Page is for readings and signings or lectures and literary events
-Screen is for one-time or limited-run film screenings.

3. Begin typing the Location of the event and choose the correct one from the pop-up menu. Make sure your venue is not already in the system before adding a new one.

4. Enter the start and end date of your event using the pop-up calendar. If the event has only one date, leave the end date field blank.

5. Enter the start and end times of your event.
-For Music, use the start time of the concert.
-For Food, use the start time of the event.
-For Art, use start and end times for receptions only. Make one listing for the reception and another for the whole run of the exhibit. For the latter, leave the times blank, as we do not publish regular gallery/museum hours.
-For Stage, if your event recurs at the same time on multiple days, enter that as the start time. If your event recurs at different times, leave the time fields blank and type your dates and times in the Event Info field below.
-For Page, enter only the start time of the reading or lecture.
-For Screen, enter only the start time of the screening.

6. Write a brief summary in the Event Info field. Identify the nature and price of the event in plain, descriptive language; editorial or marketing language will be edited out.
-For Music, enter only the price.
-For Food, enter the basic details of the event and the price.
-For Art, enter the medium, the theme if applicable, and identify artists from group shows.
-For Stage, enter the kind of show (theater, dance, comedy, etc.) and the price.
-For Page, enter the name of the book or lecture and the price if applicable.
-For Screen, enter the kind of screening (documentary, feature, shorts, etc.) and the price.

7 (optional). Upload a photo, title it in the “Description/Caption” field, and identify the photographer in “Credits.”

8. Be sure to enter the URL of the appropriate website for your event, usually the venue but sometimes the presenter.