We’re midway through the four-day sprint-march-slog that is the ACC Tournament. It’s the third game in three days for Maryland and Florida State, while both UNC and Duke are coming off grueling Friday victories.

Questions for the day: With a No. 1 seed in the NCAA assured, will Roy Williams do the expedient thing and keep Lawson on the bench, no matter how tired Bobby Frasor gets against ACC Defensive Player of the Year Toney Douglas? How will Kyle Singler hold up after playing 40 minutes against Boston College?

Will Grievous Vasquez and the Terps exact revenge on the Blue Devils? Triangle Offense’s Ryan Campbell thinks there’s a more important consideration for Gary Williams’ side: They may need this win today to get into the NCAAs. As he writes in our Friday open thread:

As I look over the scores this morning I’ll add Baylor, Southern Cal, and the A-10 winner (Temple/Duquesne) to the long list of bid-stealers. I’m afraid that Maryland will need a win today, they’re looking up at a number of teams who are fighting for fewer spots than normal.

It’s a rainy day outside, so you know where we’ll be…