Depressing piece from the Times’ Harvey Araton, who calls this Series a “turkey.” That’s in response to Bud Selig’s wan assurance to fans that the Series will be concluded, “even if we have to celebrate Thanksgiving.” In a gloomy assessment, Araton bemoans the obvious, that the days of baseball being America’s pastime are long gone.

Even before Monday night, the television ratings were indicating that the Fall Classic continues to drift from the nation’s consciousness.

Granted, this is an anomalous year, with the Series being played during the stretch run of what feels like a momentous presidential election.

But if the persistent rain here in Philadelphia and the numbing lateness of the games has severed a visceral connection with the national past-your-bedtime, how about a potential seventh game on Nov. 5 next season, when the season will be delayed by the World Baseball Classic?

(The World Baseball Classic is baseball’s effort to create a World Cup-like international championship.) The rest of Araton’s piece is here.

The Times reports here that the Series is on track to become the least-watched ever, topping (or bottoming) the 2006 “Fall Classic” between the Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals. (Do you remember who won?)

For those who still care about this year’s Series, however, the Associated Press’ Mike Fitzpatrick has a reassuring piece about Rays manager Joe Maddon and his team’s unexpected holiday in a plush Wilmington, Del. hotel.

They found a warm, comfortable hotel and enjoyed an unexpected day off with their families. Whenever the World Series finally resumes, that’ll be just fine with them.

“Quite frankly it’s one of the nicest hotels we’ve stayed in all year,” Maddon said Tuesday on a conference call. “If you’re going to have to have a postponement, you might as well stay here.”