Uh-oh. Week five of the American Dance Festival, which was to be given over to four dance companies from Argentina, may be in severe jeopardy.

The festival is announcing tonight that travel funding to Compania Contenido Bruto, Gabriela Prado & Eugenia Estevez; Edgardo Mercado and Krapp has been denied by the Argentine government’s newly formed Marca Argentina, an agency chartered to promote that country’s culture abroad.

In a press release issued Wednesday evening, festival director and president Charles L. Reinhart said, ‘The news was shocking. We were so excited to bring the companies to an American audience. … It is deeply disappointing and ironic that an agency that had been created to showcase its national talent then makes it impossible to so.”

The four companies were scheduled to perform at Durham‘s American Dance Festival from July 5-10. No reason has been given yet for the withholding of travel funds.

More soon….