UNC coach Butch Davis had his weekly ACC teleconference Wednesday. The full audio can be heard here, and highlights follow below.

Davis on UConn’s offense: “Although they lost Donald Brown, who was a first round draft choice at running back, they’ve got two young men that are very, very talented and probably possess more homerun-hitting ability than Donald Brown did. The challenge that their offense poses is that they’ve added some elements to their offense that they didn’t have a year ago.”

On playing on the road: “It’s a significantly different challenge for our football team to go on the road and play against a much more talented football team.”

On playing freshmen: “If they’re young men that can go in and help you win games and it’s going to really enhance their development, then I think you give them that particular opportunity. Sometimes it’s born out of necessity.”

On Bruce Carter blocking punts: “Once you develop a reputation you kind of become a marked man. Everyone knows who you are and where you are and that you possess that kind of capability. We can already see evidence of the fact that University of Connecticut has changed dramatically their punt protection unit.”

On UConn running back Andre Dixon: “As ironic as it is that Donald Brown was a first-round draft choice, he actually wasn’t the starter a couple of years ago. Andre Dixon was the starter ahead of him, and he got injured, and it opened the door for Brown to come in and play. So as recently as two or three years ago, their coaching staff felt like Andre Dixon was a better running back than a guy that went in the first round last year.”