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In recent years, I’ve become fascinated with animated foreign films for kids. There’s so much good stuff out there — some recent examples include The Secret of Kells (Ireland), Chico & Rita (Spain), A Cat in Paris (France) and Ponyo (Japan). These are movies you’re unlikely to see in theaters, so you have to track them down on DVD, Blu-ray or digital download.

While I certainly appreciate the artfulness of these films — each has earned various world cinema awards — I have very practical reasons for keeping them on the shelf. I have two young kids at home and if I have to watch one more goddamn Shrek movie I’m going to kill myself.

Tales of the Night — the enchanting French animated feature new to DVD and Blu-ray this week — is the kind of children’s movie you can feel good about putting into rotation. It’s the latest project from French animation artist Michel Ocelot and it will provide you and the kids with some images you’ve never seen before.

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