World Cups Won All Time: Germany (W. Germany) 3, England 1
Head to Head Results at Knockout Stage: Germany 2 wins (1970, 1990), England 1 win (1966)

Cultural Meaning of National Team: Way to re-enact World War II and all that (England); way to forget World War II and all that (Germany)

Memorable Public Moment of Postwar Era: Princess Diana’s funeral (England); fall of Berlin Wall (Germany)

Outstanding Contribution to Popular Music: The Beatles of Liverpool (England); The Beatles of Hamburg (Germany)

Top Contribution to American Television Culture: Doctor Who and The Office (England); Sprockets skits on Saturday Night Live (Germany)

Legendary Players Who Did Their Part for Cultural Understanding by Playing in Rival Country: Englishman Kevin Keegan (Hamburg); German Jurgen Klinsmann (Tottenham)

Top Exports to American Soccer: David Beckham of England (LA Galaxy/People Magazine); Franz Beckenbauer (New York Cosmos)

Seething Frustration Underneath Surface of Contemporary Soccer Culture: National team under-achievement (England); relegation of Bundesliga to second-tier status on European stage (Germany)

Distinguishing Feature of Domestic League: Fast pace, preference for high-priced international players, capitalist mindset (England): fast pace, competitive balance, community-based teams (Germany)

Key Player Missing World Cup Due to Injury: Rio Ferdinand (England); Michael Ballack (Germany)

Likely Reaction to Victory on Sunday: Ecstatic Euphoria and Belief World Cup Is All But Won (England); Ho-Hum (Germany)