For many in Durham and the Triangle, the first weekend in April carries an associations other than the basketball Final Four. It’s the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, and it starts today. All weekend long, our crack team of Artery correspondents will watch movies, talk to filmgoers and filmmakers and report their findings here.

I’m stuck at the office this morning, so I’ll most likely miss such intriguing early-bird offerings as George Kachadorian’s SHOOTING BEAUTY, a world premiere about a photographer who devises cameras for severely handicapped people to use; MECHANICAL LOVE, a film that explores the possibility of sentimental feelings between humans and machines (and also provided the Indy with its cover image this week); JOHN HENRIK CLARKE, the late St. Clair Bourne’s study of the Africanist scholar; and WAR AGAINST THE WEAK, Justin Strawhand’s history of the eugenics movement.

If you’re still planning your afternoon, two films I particularly liked are playing: VOICES FROM EL-SAYED at 1:45 pm and 24 CITY at 4:15. I also watched ART & COPY (3:45 pm) and found it to be an entertaining excursion through a half-century of American advertising history.

In this week’s Indy, we published blurb reviews for about 40 films. Click here!