No one is more disappointed than we are that Main Street, the Colin Firth-starring film that was produced in Durham two years ago, seems to be stuck in straight-to-DVD purgatory. The late Horton Foote, the author of the screenplay, is an American theatrical treasure who lasted longer—if burned less brightly—than his greater contemporaries Tennessee Williams, William Inge and Arthur Miller.

Foote passed away in 2009, shortly before production began on Main Street. Marc Maximov recapped the troubled production two weeks ago in advance of Firth’s widely expected Oscar win for The King’s Speech.

To put it mildly, the trailer doesn’t seem to do many favors for the reputations of Foote, Firth or Durham. Puzzlingly, the filmmakers didn’t bother to change the name of the town, even though the theme of economic waste and exploitation—while real enough for many Southern communities—isn’t especially apposite in the Bull City.

But enough with the commentary. We’re curious about what you think. Here’s the trailer.

YouTube video