At today’s Full Frame panel about the State of the Documentary, we heard a tune familiar to those in the media biz: We have to retool the business model. We have to be leaner and more efficient.

My favorite quote was from indie and DIY filmmaker and panelist Gary Hustwit, who spoke on the merits of using the Internet for grassrootsand cheappromotion and distribution: “I’ll pop my own fucking popcorn if I have to.”

“Your job is to connect with as intimately and as frequently as possible the audience,” said Hustwit, who honed his DIY chops from his years working with indie label SST Records in the ’80s.”Reach the bloggers and people who like to turn their friends on to documentaries.”

Also reminiscent of his music business background, Hustwit is going on a 50-city tour over the next three months, screening his film at ticketed one-night events, inviting cast members, panelists, hosting afterparties, etc.

Hustwit’s second doc, Objectified, will be shown today at 5:15. He debuted in 2007 with Helvetica.