There are a few oddball preferences that showed up in the Hurricanes’ personal info section, on the website and in the media guide.

Courtesy of CBS

Tuomo Ruutu lists his favorite food as reindeer and mashed potatoes, a Finnish dish. (Yum?)

Ray Whitney, who clearly had fun with his interview, said the most played song on his iPOD is ‘Oh Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble” by Mac Davis. Fitting, for a man who can’t stop making faces the camera during other players’ pre-game interviews.

Moscow native Sergei Samsonov’s first hockey team, at age 6, was sponsored by the Red Army. I’m sure we can’t even imagine what those practices were like.

Gone, but not forgotten – several ‘Canes players listed Erik Cole as their favorite former teammate, including Joe Corvo, who played with Cole for less than two months. This goes to show what a positive impact Cole has had on the team and its fans.

In further proof that hockey players are just like us, goaltender Michael Leighton listed his favorite thing about playing professional hockey as ‘all the naps.” Forget the multi-million dollar contracts, the frequent flyer miles, and the celebrity status…Leighton just wants to catch some shut-eye.

Scott Walker’s first job was at McDonald’s.