The RailHawks Cory Elenio goes up for a header against FC Tampa Bays Pascal Millien.
  • Andy Mead/ Carolina RailHawks
  • The RailHawks’ Cory Elenio goes up for a header against FC Tampa Bay’s Pascal Millien.

For any number of reasons, the USSF-D2 doesn’t have the luxury of achieving a pleasing, European-like regularity with its scheduling.

Instead of having a league in which every team plays once or twice a week and stays within a game or two of each other in total matches played, we have one in which, to take the most extreme case, one team (Puerto Rico) has five games in hand on another (NSC Minnesota).

Because we haven’t seen this table produced anywhere else, and because we’d like it for our own reference, we’re producing a USSF-D2 table that is adjusted for points per game. We’ll keep updating it and republishing during the season as circumstances warrant.

The biggest takeaways?

* Positions No.1 through 5 are taken by teams from the USL Conference.

* The RailHawks are tied for the eighth and last playoff slot by this reckoning but are much closer to the bottom in PPG than to the top.

* “Second place” Puerto Rico doesn’t play another league game until May 26 (against the RailHawks), so they’ll be sitting on their two-points-a-game clip for another 10 days or so.

USSF-D2 (As of Monday, May 17)
Puerto Rico362
FC Tampa Bay581.6
Miami FC551
NSC Minnesota870.88
Crystal Palace Baltimore640.67
AC St Louis740.57

Three points are awarded for each victory, and one point is awarded for a draw. The USSF-D2 Pro League official table is here.