• Photo by Lauren Goldberg

Sara Benincasa is a gal you really need to know more about. There’s her tendency to reveal personal, rather gross things on stage and her occasional desire to Agorafabulous! , Artery rounded up 10 of her funniest moments on YouTube. (For more, look through ol’ girl’s YouTube page.)

Sara Starts Beef with Rapper Jean Grae
In what has to be one of the funniest celebrity co-signs of an MC ever, Benincasa endorses Brooklyn rapper Grae (how did those two even hook up?) by claiming to be perturbed by her witty rhymes and launching a mock campaign to stop Grae from being funnier than her. As she puts it in the clip, “I feel about Jean Grae the same way the Tea Party feels about Mexicans.”

Sara Explains Lost in Five Minutes
Sure, she hasn’t seen one episode, but she’s heard enough from obsessed friends to basically break down the entire show. To be honest, from the way she describes it—from calling it “a fucked-up, Lord of the Flies thing” to constantly referring to Josh Holloway’s Sawyer as a lesbian—her version of the show sounds much preferable.

Sara Gets Wet
At one point, Benincasa had her own online talk show, Gettin’ Wet with Sara Benincasa, which consisted of her getting one-on-one with guests in bathtubs. Margaret Cho, Neil Gaiman and burlesque star Jo Weldon were a few of the folk Benincasa got sudsy with. Here’s Part 1 of her interview with a pre-Community/Childish Gambino Donald Glover.

Sara Helps Out the Confused Teens
In this clip, Benincasa tells all those female youngsters who may be “kinda, sorta, a little bit bi” to not be afraid of exploring their options. She even recalls the time she had an entertainingly awkward phone conversation she had with her father about her blossoming bicuriosity.

Sara Gives Peggy Olson Her Own Vlog
Benincasa goes in on acclaimed, cable-TV favorite Mad Men (and does quite the uncanny Elisabeth Moss impression at the same time) by assuming the role of resident goody-two-shoes Olson and vlogging about the goings-on at Sterling Cooper.

Sara Stars in Zachariah and Millicent Make a Fornication Talkie
While it might’ve seemed like a good idea at the time, this Depression-era parody of Kevin Smith’s already-forgotten Zack and Miri Make a Porno seems more random than topical now. Thankfully, Benincasa keeps it amusing by sounding like an over-the-top Myrna Loy.

Sara Does Her Best Kate Winslet Impersonation
For those who thought that The Reader should’ve been called The Hot Illiterate Nazi, here’s this rather dead-on trailer parody, with Benincasa stepping into the MILF-alicious, Nazi-denying role that made Winslet an Oscar winner.

Sara Does Her Best Anne Hathaway Impersonation
In the wake of Christian Bale’s notorious audio meltdown on the set of Terminator Salvation, Sara “leaked” a clip of Hathaway freaking out on the set of Rachel Getting Married. Choice line: “I’m so fuckin’ starving! Somebody get me a bottle of water and a napkin!”

Sara Does Her Best Sarah Palin-on-Coke Impersonation
Of course, when Palin showed up on the scene, everyone was ready to show off their impersonation of her. But only Benincasa took hers further by showing Palin back in her younger, possibly more experimental days, zonked out on happy powder, even dipping her boobs in the stuff.

Sara’s New Year Tips
Finally, Benincasa offers tips on how to spice up your new year. Among them: drinking beer instead of coffee in the morning, stabbing yourself with an Asian fork instead of cutting and learning a new language, like Hebrew. (“Because the Jews are taking over, and they will show us no mercy.”)