Friday, April 27
NCSU’s Hunt Library, Raleigh
7 p.m., free,

“Tim Kirkman’s drama about two men who reunite after fifteen years is so well-written and acted you feel like you’re eavesdropping,” Variety said of Lazy Eye, an indie feature that came out in 2016. Fifteen years after a summer fling, Dean and Alex reunite in the Mojave Desert, a sprawling backdrop for a sprawling conversation that slowly reveals how their lives have developed, why they’ve been out of touch for all these years, and what they mean to each other now. It’s one of those timeless walking-and-talking films where drama resides in speech rather than action, with more than a twist of Linklater’s modern classic Before Sunset. This is to say that love and time are not the film’s two subjects, but its one subject. Kirkman (who also made Loggerheads), an N.C. State alum, returns to his alma matter for a screening and discussion, courtesy of the GLBT Center and State’s film studies program.