North Carolina showed off their best in the Acts to Follow series, which featured the original works of 30 local choreographers. Saturday night brought us the third and final program, which took place in Baldwin Auditorium on Duke’s East Campus.

The native dancers tapped into a resource that only few of the ADF performance companies have utilized this year: speech. Three pieces included spoken text within the work, most notably in Christina Tsoules Soriano‘s Begin Again which played on the idea of what it means to begin a dance by responding vocally on stage to a pre-recorded track.

The choreographers had a lot to offer, from the horizontal movement pattern in Autumn Mist Belk‘s Regulation to the cool, fluid motion in Courtney Greer‘s Within Were Fears, Without Were Fightings.

Many of the choreographers appeared in one another’s works, indicating that a strong community exists for dance here in North Carolina. Even the audience seemed to exude that sense of community: after the show, the dancers mingled in the crowd, which joined them on stage for a dance celebration honoring the fifth successful year of Acts to Follow.