Just watched the Friday night USL-1 game on Fox Soccer Channel, in which the Miami Blues knocked off league power Montreal, 2-1.

It was a sloppy, choppy game that was notable for the extraordinary diving and time-wasting undertaken by the Blues, a team with a fair share of wily South American veteransnotably Diego Serna, the 35-year-old Colombian striker. Serna scored the first goal early in the second half on a PK, and then proceeded to burn approximately 10 minutes with various histrionics. He finally earned his red card after repeatedly approaching the ball to tamp down turf on a free kick in stoppage time.

On the other hand, the stalling tactics may have saved the win: Montreal was finally coming out of its coma midway through the half, and Eduardo Sebrango headed in a lovely cross to bring the game to 2-1.

With this victory, the Blueswho only a couple of months ago were in danger of foldingjoin the RailHawks at the top of the USL table with six points.

Connally Edozien, the popular former RailHawk, was a late sub for the Blues but only saw a couple of touches.