Recently, G105 announced a $1,000 “Orlando Bloom Bounty.” Seems that the publicists for MAIN STREET, the feature film now in production in Durham, aren’t returning their calls, so Bob and the Showgram are turning to checkbook journalism: They’re offering one-large to the person who can deliver the actor, of hobbit and pirate fame, to their studios for an interview.

But before readers go hunting for the man who was Legolas, we should inform you that we tripped over him licking his fingers at JC’s Kitchen at Main and Fayetteville Street, put a hood over his head, threw him into our Prius and took him to the G105 studio.

Unfortunately, Orlando never made it inside the studio. Turns out Bob only wanted to check him out under the pretext of a trial interview. When it was over, all we had was this tape.