Some personnel news out of Cary this morning, courtesy of RailHawks journalist Tim Candon:

Striker Andriy Budnyy and goalkeeper Caleb Patterson have been sent to Wilmington for an overnight loan. The USL-2 Hammerheads are trying to protect their spot in first place from the visiting Richmond Kickers. The Hammerheads, who performed heroically in June and early July, making it to the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open Cup after beating the RailHawks in the second round, are now groaning with injuries. Budnyy and Patterson will help plug gaps left by an ankle injury to striker Jamie Watson and a possibly season-ending hernia surgery for goalkeeper Daryl Sattler (who, fans may remember, knocked aside penalty shots by Daniel Paladini and Mark Schulte in that June 16 thriller).

One likely result of the loan is that Eric Reed will start in goal this Friday against Charleston instead of Patterson, whose turn it would be otherwise.

Another thought: The Richmond Kickers may have a little ringer up their sleeves, too. Former UNC and MLS star Chris Carrieri appeared for the Kickers against the RailHawks on June 2. He told me then that he’s playing for Richmond on a part-time basis, against their North Carolina opponents. (He lives in Holly Springs.) Perhaps Carrieri, Patterson and Budnyy can all ride down to Wilmington together.

  • Greg Shields, the veteran Scottish defender, is safely in Cary and training with the team. He arrived Saturday and caught the end of the Tecos match. Somewhat disconcertingly, he said his family was surprised by the ruckus created by the Tecos supporters:

    “We were sitting by the opposing fans. For the kids, it was a wee bit daunting for them, banging the seats all the time. It was a bit different from what we’re used to.”

  • Candon also reports that Devon McKenney’s just about fully rehabilitated from a hamstring injury suffered a month ago.