No surprise here: There were only two games in Week One, and in the match that wasn’t a scoreless draw, the dominant player was Mark Schulte, whose long throw-ins led to both goals in the ‘Hawks 2-1 defeat of the visiting Minnesota Thunder.

The Triangle Offense match report for that game is here.

And here is an interesting piece on Schulte that appeared three years ago in, when Schulte was playing in Uruguay, the first American to play professionally in the country that won the first World Cup, in 1930.

Tonight the RailHawks travel to Wilmington for a friendly against the USL-2 Hammerheads. We were dithering about going, but numerous logistical difficultiesnot to mention an unpromising weather forecastmilitated against it. We’ll await the report from Tim Candon, the team’s in-house blogger and Web editor. And watch the Chelsea-Liverpool replay, perhaps.