The Carolina RailHawks defense hasn’t conceded a goal in 400 minutes, the third time this year they’ve gone for more than 300 minutes of keeping the linen clean. Although the men in the back seem to be the big part of the difference in the team’s victories over Rochester and Cleveland, only one defender, goalkeeper Caleb Patterson-Sewell, takes a spot on the team of the week. Patterson-Sewell shut out the Rochester Raging Rhinos, and his selection is the first time in more than a year that a RailHawks goalkeeper has made the squad.

Kupono Low gets on for his 90th-minute winner in Rochester, while Gregory Richardson, who scored once against Cleveland and played a major role in a second strike, was named for a third straight week.

You can see Low’s goal and subsequent shirt-waving here.

Richardson’s goal is included in this highlight reel from the Cleveland game.

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