Monday, April 2 & Tuesday, April 3
Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre, Raleigh
7:30 p.m., $6–$23,

In 1932, architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s career was on the ropes. His Prairie School of design had made his name and fortune, but Prairie was passé, and mismanaged affairsfinancial and romanticat his famous home studio, Taliesin, ruined him financially. Then the Great Depression hit. Commissions dried up, and Wright, tainted by scandal and branded a has-been, sought lecturing, consulting, and publishing gigs. In Christine Toy Johnson’s Truth Against the World, Wright is giving a press conference to announce an autobiography that will set the record straight. He’s also about to build a startling new vision of suburban life, as the last, most fruitful part of his career begins. Theatre Raleigh cofounder Alan Campbell stars in the premiere of this solo show, directed by the playwright.