Wednesday, May 9
Alamo Drafthouse, Raleigh
8:30 p.m., $6,

The first time I saw Eraserhead, I almost barfed. I went into a screening of David Lynch’s celebrated 1977 debut film with no idea of what to expect, thinking that would do me some good. But I was bowled over by the film’s surreal plot, stomach-turning gore, and undercurrent of existential panic. I can’t say Eraserhead lingers as one of my favorite movies, but it’s not one I’ll ever forget. This week, Raleigh’s Alamo Drafthouse hosts a screening of the film as part of its Weird Wednesday series, hosted by A.V. Geeks head honcho Skip Elsheimer. Whether you’re a Lynch die-hard who wants to see a familiar favorite on a big screen, a Twin Peaks fan looking to dive deeper into Lynch’s wild mind, or just a bargain shopper itching to check out Raleigh’s luxe new theater on the cheap, you can’t go wrong. Unless you barf. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Allison Hussey