Kenan Memorial Stadium/Chapel Hill — North Carolina’s offense continued its struggles, scoring zero points and drawing several drive-killing penalties against the Cavaliers (0-3).

UNC has scored only one touchdown in the first quarter through the first five games but outscored opponents 37-13 in the second quarter.

Key play of the half: Offensive tackle Mike Ingersoll drew a 15-yard personal foul penalty that ruined UNC’s best chance at scoring in the first half. Before this game, UNC led the ACC in fewest penalty yards (31.5 per game) but committed three penalties for 40 yards in the first half alone.

Key Player(s) of the half: The punters dominated the first half, pinning the already poor offenses deep. UNC’s Grant Schallock and UVa’s Jimmy Howell punted a total of 10 times and each averaged nearly 45 yards per punt. UNC last punted the ball more than 10 times in a game back in 2001 against Texas (12 punts).

What to watch in the second half: Defensive end Robert Quinn recorded two sacks in the first half and harassed UVa quarterback Jameel Sewell throughout the first half, and Marvin Austin forced a fumble that was recovered by Sewell just before the half. If the Cavaliers control the pass rush, the offense has shown they can do enough to win the game.

UNC, meanwhile, will have to make drastic adjustments at the half. Virginia’s defense is decent … but UNC is making them look like the Baltimore Ravens.