The sporting scene in the Triangle is a lively one, and we’ve learned that quite a number of our writers are avid fans of one ballclub or sporting discipline or another. So, we’ve decided to open the Independent up to regular sports commentary with our own sports blog, Triangle Offense.

We expect that our interests will be eclectic, and also that it will take time for us to hit our stride. We’ll be providing reporting and commentary on major Triangle sports such as college football and college men’s and women’s basketball. In the professional realm, we plan to cover Hurricanes hockey, Durham Bulls baseball and Carolina RailHawks soccer. However, we also have a strong interest in offbeat sports, and more than a passing interest in the business and ethics of the games, as well.

We can’t supplant the comprehensive reporting of major sports provided by television outlets and daily newspapers. However, there are some sports and teams in our region that are off the media radar but nonetheless have passionate followingsthink Carolina Rollergirls. Instead of being the sports page of record, we aim to attend as many games as we can, keep up with major developments and provide witty, informed commentary. Perhaps we’ll even break a story or two.

We hope you’ll keep coming back, and most of all, we want to maintain a dialogue with our readers. Let us know how we’re doing, and what else we can be covering. Thanks for stopping by.