The sign to the Duke Park neighborhood
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  • The sign to the Duke Park neighborhood

Durham’s friendly neighborhood blogger Barry Ragin (who, I should disclose, is a neighbor and friend of mine), isn’t feeling the town-gown love. In a fit of irrational exuberance, some Duke-besotted dolt defaced the welcome-to-the-hood sign that was erected thanks to $1,500 raised by the neighbors. (Not to be flip, but as a journalist, I can offer one observation: The “No. 1” is correct usage, according to the AP style manual, not the more commonplace #1.)

UPDATE (3:44 p.m.): Say what you want about Duke, but they have a serious rapid reaction damage control policy. Especially in the face of a blog called Dependable Erection.

In a happier assessment, the Indy’s music editor Grayson Currin, who doubles as Duke basketball correspondent for this blog, offers his post-national championship thoughts in this week’s Front Porch column, in which he describes how the championship redeems a childhood spent with losing Duke football and losing N.C. State basketball.