Choreo Collective’s Current Collection
Chapel Hill High School
Closed March 28

Several years have passed since we last looked in on independent dance group Choreo Collective. I regret to report seeing little development, during the course of their annual Current Collection concert, in some of the difficulties diagnosed in our previous visits.

A community of creators can sharpen one anotheror they can tacitly agree not to push each other much beyond their technical and artistic comfort zones. The limited and decidedly legato movement dynamics we saw too frequently in most of the seven works suggested deflated kinespheres whose slow leaks, over time, remain in need of repair.

Tellingly, the evening’s most interesting work was guest “choreographer” Khrystian Weeks’ Phenomenology, the group’s latest collaboration with a non-dance artist. Weeks, who works with found audio, used momentarily flashing lights (somewhat similarly to David Parson’s Caught) to interruptand apparently scratch-mixa series of pedestrian movements to a sound collage including parts of Merce Cunningham’s 1952 lecture, “Space, Time and Dance.”