You’d think comedy superstar JERRY SEINFELD (Sept. 11, DPAC, would sit back at his crib and count the millions he’s still making off his iconic eponymous sitcom (now on Hulu, BTW). Nope. He’s still out there cracking people up with new stand-up material—when he’s not busy riding around in rare cars with his comedian pals or complaining about PC college campuses, of course.

Before there was Demetri Martin, before there was the late Mitch Hedberg, there was only one comic you could go to for surreal one-liners: STEVEN WRIGHT (Oct. 10, Carolina Theatre, Now that he’s done providing oddball story ideas for another season of Louie, Wright brings his patented weirdo shtick to the stage for us.

DAVE ATTELL (Oct. 22–24, Goodnights Comedy Club, may have stopped going from town to town and harassing all the night owls, vagrants and freakazoids in his Comedy Central show Insomniac With Dave Attell, but he has become the consummate veteran road comic, which he’ll exhibit once again in a three-night stand in Raleigh.

All the Monty Python fans in the Triangle will go batshit at the sight of the British comedy gods JOHN CLEESE & ERIC IDLE (Oct. 28–29, DPAC,, one third of the Flying Circus crew. Hopefully, they’ll do many of their legendary bits (“Ministry of Silly Walks,” anyone?) and, maybe, Idle will play some acoustic renditions of tunes from Spamalot, his Tony-winning pride and joy (which happens to be running at Raleigh Little Theatre now).

Let’s face it: WANDA SYKES (Nov. 5, DPAC) has made a career out of doing stand-up that mostly sounds like your aunt telling it like it is at a family reunion. But unlike your aunt, Sykes is actually funny—and doesn’t come with an uncle who’ll get drunk and try to do dance moves young kids are doing these days.