The INDY uses a five-star rating scale. Unstarred films have not been reviewed by our writers.

★★½ Angel Has Fallen—Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is back for a third go-around, this time framed for an assassination attempt on POTUS. It’s silly, but not as wretched as London Has Fallen. Seeing Nick Nolte as a grizzled conspiracy theorist living off the grid is almost worth the ticket price. Rated R. —Neil Morris

The Angry Birds Movie 2—Jason Sudekis leads a surprisingly decent animated film based on the iPhone game. Rated PG. 

Blinded by the Light—Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics hold the meaning of life for a Pakistani-British teen growing up in the 1980s. Rated PG-13. 

★★ Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw—The testosterone-driven repartee between Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham is the only reason to endure this cartoonish, logically and temporally challenged CGI fest. Rated PG-13. —NM

★★★★ The Farewell—A family travels to China to say goodbye to the family matriarch, who is dying of cancer. The twist? They feel that it’s more benevolent to not tell her she’s dying. Rated PG. —Sarah Edwards

★★★½ Good Boys—The evolution of coming-of-age comedies is that the subjects keep getting younger. In this Superbad for tweens, a trio of sixth-grade BFFs have misadventures as they try to find the cool-kids party. The profuse profanity is cut by the kids’ infectious charm. Rated R. —NM

★★½ The Lion King—Jon Favreau’s photorealistic palette is the boon and bane of Disney’s “live-action” computer rendering of an animated classic, which goes wrong when the animals start talking. Rated PG. —NM

Luce—A young man from Eritrea, adopted by an American couple, is the star of his school until a teacher makes a discovery in his locker that leads to a charged, thought-provoking exploration of race. Rated R. 

Maiden—The first all-female sailing crew admitted to the elite Whitbread race around the world is the subject of this inspiring biopic. Rated PG.

★★ Men in Black: International—What if Men in Black, but Morocco and Chris Hemsworth’s torso? Rated PG-13. —Glenn McDonald

★★★★ Midsommar—Horror upstart Ari Aster’s latest isn’t quite as scary as his unforgettable Hereditary, but his tale of feckless American students and Swedish cultists is likewise brilliant in its treatment of trauma; it’s also a lot weirder and funnier. Rated R. —Brian Howe

★★ Once Upon a Time In HollywoodQuentin Tarantino portrays the late-sixties Hollywood film industry and vaguely mumbles something about the Manson family in this tedious, irrelevant exercise in bland nostalgia for a bygone era of unaccountable hypermasculinity. Rated R. —Marta Núñez Pouzols

★★★ The Peanut Butter Falcon—This heartwarming Tom-and-Huck tale features a breakout performance by Zack Gottsagen, who has Down Syndrome, and a soulful Shia LaBeouf reminds us why he’s got a career to endanger with off-screen antics. Rated PG-13. —GM

Ready or Not—Samara Weaving plays a new bride drawn into a brutal game of hide-and-seek with her husband’s wealthy family in this class-ragey, genre-blurring horror-comedy-thriller. Rated R. 

★★½ Spider-Man: Far from Home—It’s a bedrock truism that a superhero story is only as good as its villain. Everyone knows this, except, evidently, the screenwriters of Far From Home. Mysterio’s motivations are entirely and conspicuously dumb. Rated PG-13. —GM

★★★ Toy Story 4—A spork’s severe ontological distress and suicidal impulses are a crazy thing to find in this half-daring, half-predictable extension of a beloved animated franchise. Rated G. —NM 

Where’d You Go, Bernadette—When Cate Blanchett’s titular character goes missing, it’s up to her family to unravel the mysteries of her past. Rated PG-13.