The sweet scent of mash could eventually wash through the Central Park neighborhood, as the Durham Distillery announced it will open a gin manufacturing facility and retail sales/ tasting room next year at 711 N. Washington St., next to the future Blue Note Grill. This is just a block from Tyler’s Distillery, which will make whiskey and rum on Foster Street.

At 2,400-square feet, the Durham Distillery will be designed by Heather Garrett, whose vision is imprinted on the upstairs dining room at Mateo’s and the Whisky. While the distillery begins to upfits the building, the still won’t be delivered from Germany until next spring. (Language lovers, Brennerei is the German word for distillery.) The federal and state permitting also will take several months to pass bureaucratic muster.

The addition of a second distillery to the north end of downtown, home to restaurants, bars and music, is further evidence that the neighborhood is The Next Happening Place, and with the construction of the new luxury apartments on the Liberty Warehouse site, The Next Expensive One. However, please don’t call it the DIY district. A neighborhood with a business that offers valet parking cannot be called DIY.