On Monday, a new doughnut establishment opened up in Durham. Spoiler alert: It’s really, really good.

Carolina Glazed Donuts
doesn’t have the hip panache of other spots like Monuts or Rise. But it’s no-frills approach delivers damn fine doughnuts.

Carolina Glazed is similar to Greensboro’s Donut World in terms of its wide selection of no-nonsense offerings. You won’t find any majorly fancy flavors, but Carolina Glazed executes the basics with aplomb. Its yeast doughnuts strike a perfect balance of being light but doughy, avoiding the pitfall of being too greasy, while the cake doughnuts are dense and almost fudgy in texture. Strawberry “butterflies” taste just as good as they look (see the photo to the right), and the apple fritters are to die for.

Carolina Glazed does offer one rare option: for filled doughnuts, you can pick your doughnut and the filling, and get it filled on the spot. The options include cream, raspberry, lemon, and blueberry.

Through Monday, you can get thirty percent off a full dozen (which will run you about $11 once the special ends), and you can also score a free plain glazed doughnut just for stopping by. It’s well worth the trip to 5400 South Miami Blvd.