Chef Robert Irvine, star of the Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible and “the Indiana Jones of Chefs” according to chef Bobby Flay, brings his interactive live show to the Carolina Theatre on Feb. 12. Actually, that probably should read “brings his INTERACTIVE live show” because you won’t just be sitting as he slings pots and pans for a couple of hours.

Granted, there is a fair bit of cooking during the show. He is a chef, after all. But he often drafts audience members to come onstage and assist him in negotiating assorted culinary challenges. Depending on what those challenges are, as many as 30 people may be called upon to pitch in, so just passively taking it all in will be out of the question before.

Between cooking segments expect to see video tales of Irvine’s experiences in the military, his stint working for the British royal family, his charity work and what goes on with his Food Network shows. Irvine is the author of Mission: Cook!—My Life, My Recipes and Making the Impossible Easy and he has prepared everything from small family dinners for the royal family to meals for 6,000 service personnel on a U.S. aircraft carrier.

On his show Dinner: Impossible, he would cook at surprise locations and events. Episodes had him preparing meals at such places as a deserted island, in an Ice Hotel, at the inauguration of Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, at Graceland for Priscilla Presley and in Boston for 1,000 construction workers. On his current series, Restaurant: Impossible, Irvine tries to save troubled restaurants from failure.

Chef Robert Irvine appears at Durham’s Carolina Theatre, 8 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 12.