On Aug. 23, Cary Town Council officially approved a Backyard Chicken Ordinance that now allows residents within town limits to legally keep a chicken coop on their property. The ordinance was approved by a 4-3 vote.

Cary Chickens, a group of backyard chicken advocates who “give a cluck about Cary,” has been trying for more than four years to lure local government in their favor. According to the Cary Chickens blog post announcing the change, “Countless hours were spent collecting signatures, spreading the word, and educating residents at farmer’s markets and other venues. This was an effort by the community for the benefit of the community.”

The ordinance allows a maximum of five hens, but no roosters. The coop must be kept in the backyard within at least 15 feet of the home and requires a one-time $50 permit fee. Onsite slaughter is not allowed. The ordinance does not exempt residents from the rules of neighborhood homeowner’s associations. Click here to read the complete ordinance.