Day Drinker is a recurring feature in which INDY staffers graciously accept samples of new and seasonal offerings from local breweries and tell you what we think of them. If you’d like your beer or cider to be considered, email food editor Layla Khoury-Hanold at


Paula Street

“Wait, why does this look like orange juice?” one of our staffers remarked as it poured from the can. The flagship pale ale of Raleigh’s Funguys Brewing is named for the brewery’s street address, and it’s anything but pale. It has an unfiltered, cloudy orange hue suggestive of mulled cider. It tastes kind of like orange juice, too, but more nuanced—and, of course, more hoppy, with a bitter yet fresh taste, a creamy mouthfeel, and a pithy citrus-peel finish. Our resident font snob wasn’t a fan of the Comic Sans–like type, but everyone agreed it was a pleasant, interesting sip-—our favorite of the bunch.

Sandbox Kid

This New England-style IPA has the requisite hazy appearance, but it wasn’t bursting with as much tropical freshness as we’d like right off the bat. It’s more malty to start, then finishes fruity, but there’s not a lot happening in between. You know that Robert Musil book The Man Without Qualities? This might be The Beer Without Qualities. Still, it’s a solid, highly drinkable IPA that’s tasty and simple enough to drink all night without getting overwhelmed by exotic flavors.

Beard Scratcher

This seasonal imperial stout is brewed with chocolate (and peanut butter), which explains why it tastes like a boozy chocolate truffle, perhaps one that’s a little fruity. It’s also brewed with roasted and caramel malts, giving the brew a bitter amaro-like finish that’s nicely balanced by sweetness from lactose. Over several sips, it tends to drink a bit syrupy—an impression strengthened by it’s motor-oil appearance—so save this personality-forward beer for dessert or the end of a tasting flight.