Sadly, Big Mouth Billy Basses—the plastic, singing fish that were popular 10 years ago and thrust back into the light of day on the walls at Durham’s Fish Shack (2512 University Drive)—will soon return to their dusty spots in local attics.

According to Dan Ferguson, who owns the Fish Shack and its neighbor, the Original Q Shack, the fried-fish eatery officially closed its doors last Sunday due to low sales. “I really loved the concept and thought it would work,” Ferguson says of his business.

But after a mere nine months, the Fish Shack couldn’t survive. “It was just like digging a ditch. It just couldn’t recover,” Ferguson says.

On a better note, Ferguson says that the Original Q Shack continues to prosper. When I spoke to him on the phone just moments ago, I could hear the bustle of customers in the background.