Over the last ten years, 40 percent of North Carolina fish houses have closed because of heightened demand for imported, familiar kinds of seafood. But the provenance of these cheaper, prettier fish can be sketchy: it’s often not clear what boats the fish came from, how and where they were caught, or if they followed conservation regulations regarding overfishing and other measures. Against this tide, Raleigh fish market Locals Seafood sells fresh fish caught on North Carolina’s coasteven if it’s ugly. Ugly and Wild, a short documentary about N.C.’s native fish and how Locals Seafood works with fishing families to bring it to consumers, was made by Vittles, a local filmmaking outfit that explores social issues through the lens of food, and the NC 10% Campaign, which encourages consumers to spend 10 percent of their food dollars in the local economy. Ugly and Wild‘s Durham premiere takes place on the rooftop of the Durham Hotel at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 10, followed by fish bingo and conversations with Andrea Reusing, chef at The Durham and Lantern, and the Outland family, a multigenerational coastal fishing family. Locals Seafood favorites will be for sale, along with local beer. Admission is free, but you need to register at nc10percent.com/uglyfish.