Urban hunter-gatherer alert: The boughs of the mulberry trees are heavy with fruit. And you don’t even have to trespass to forage for the delicious berries.

While walking to work this morning, I spotted two trees, one accessible, one less so, that are—cliche alert—ripe for the picking. You could fill many baskets from the tree on Vickers Avenue between Cobb and Proctor streets. Technically, it is on the Camelot Academy property but the tree hangs over the sidewalk. There are other places as well, which I blogged about several years ago.

Bonus: A huge honeysuckle bush is adjacent to the tree. Harvest some honeysuckle and make some sorbet at home, based on this Crook’s Corner recipe.

Farther north, you’ll need either a ladder to reach the branches, or a long stick to shake them, but the tree on Duke Street between the Durham Freeway exit and Yancey Street is also laden with fruit. That tree appears to be in the public right-of-way, possible N.C. DOT property.

On the Greystone Inn property on Duke Street, the branches hang over the sidewalk. Other trees: the 1200 block of Carroll Street and Chapel Hill Street across from the bus station.

If you don’t eat them, the birds will, so grab a sack and start picking.