Raleigh’s Slingshot Coffee Co. will not open Weekend, its seasonal outdoor coffee shop, this year.

But the news isn’t totally bad: the decision has come from owners Jenny and Jonathan Bonchak just as Slingshot has seen a serious uptick in business during the past year.

“We’ve just been growing like mad, which is a great thing,” says Jenny Bonchak. “From this point in time last year to now, we are looking at about 250 percent growth. We’re at a point where we have to focus so much attention on being able to service our current customers and our new customers coming online.”

Much of that growth stems from an increase in Slingshot’s distribution, which Bonchak says reaches as far north as Massachusetts, as far west as Illinois, and all the way into Florida. You can get Slingshot products in a hundred different Whole Foods stores, and Bonchak says the company handles many other independent accounts, too.

Weekend’s first season ran from August through November 2014, while it was open from April through October last year. Weekend isn’t totally shuttered for good: Slingshot will use the space to host events, beginning with a May 7 brunch benefit with Centro for Raleigh’s Beehive Collective. The event is ticketed, but the public will be able to come in and get coffee drinks.

You can read Bonchak’s full statement below.

Dear Slingshot Family –

We have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we have decided to not operate Weekend this season. I know… bummer, right?! But the good news is that we came to this decision because Slingshot Coffee Co. has grown so rapidly over the last year that we need to focus all of our efforts on brewing, bottling and meeting the needs of all of our new and existing retail partners so you can continue to enjoy Slingshot no matter what day of the week it is.

And that’s all you! More and more people across the country are discovering Slingshot every day because of the devotion and outpouring of support from our loyal fans. And we’re eternally grateful for that! We also recognize that in order to make Slingshot the best it can possibly be for everyone who grabs a bottle, we need to be the best friends, spouses & partners, retail partners, coffee brewers, co-workers and employers we can be.

The past two seasons of Weekend have been such an incredibly fun and fulfilling adventure, and it has been our privilege and downright pleasure to serve coffee and pastries (thank you, Yellow Dog Bread Co.!) to our neighborhood and beyond. Watching friendships form, families grow and getting to know so many of you… these things are a beautiful and meaningful part of the Slingshot story.

Of course we want you to still visit us at the Slingshot HQ from time to time! As a part of our community and neighborhood here in Raleigh, we want to continue to use the Slingshot HQ to bring people together and champion others. Throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall, we’ll be opening Weekend’s doors at Slingshot for gatherings, fundraisers, pop-ups and other moments to share our love of coffee and the best good times with anyone who comes.

All of the feelings! But more than anything, our unending thanks to all of you out there for including Slingshot in your daily life. We are so passionate about brewing and bottling the most incredible cold brewed coffee you’ll ever taste, and we’re excited that you’re a part of us and a part of Slingshot.

Founder & CEO
Slingshot Coffee Co.