It’s August. It’s hot and muggy, the mosquitoes are out in full force, and the kids are heading back to school. Around this time every year, stress soars with the temperatures as schedules become increasingly hectic and peaceful hammock-and-lemonade afternoons fade into distant memories. In a blatant refusal to get bogged down in the sticky humidity, we decided to pump some energy into the 2007 Annual Manual. This year, embedded in our efforts to provide an affordable, streetwise guide to the Triangle is some incentive to get up, get out and get moving. This time around, we decided to get physical.

We set out to find some of the hidden treasures our area has to offer: things that can be enjoyed on a tight budget whether you’re in the mood to sit down, stand up or lie flat on your back. We discovered some exciting goings-on you might not know about yet (such as BMX racing and exhibitionist Guitar Hero), and we burrowed our way into the lesser-known underside of scenes you’re already aware of (such as bars and concerts).

So kick off your shoes or put on your spiked heelsit’s up to youand enjoy the Triangle in ways you haven’t before. Delve into this year’s Annual Manual, and assume the position … whatever your personal favorite happens to be.

So you think you can dance?
It’s not always about the bump and grind
By Carrie Wellman

Styles of the thrift and famous
Creating Hollywood looks at prices a bit closer to home
By Karlie Justus

Twenty-one meals
Cheap eats and drinks every day of the week
By Carrie Wellman

Star power
Will Guitar Hero replace karaoke?
By Carrie Wellman

Ridin’ dirty
Summer sports speed up in Raleigh with BMX racing
By Ashley Roberts

Tune in, turn on
The lowdown on Triangle college radio
By Alex Henderson

One man’s quest to find good live music in Durham
It exists, if you know where to look
By Mike Alberti

Stereotype me!
Local fans tell you what (they think) you need to know about area schools, plus a few actual facts
By Karlie Justus

Let’s get serious: Sexual assault
Know the facts; know your options
By Karlie Justus

Let’s get serious: This is your liver talking
Don’t overdo it when you drink
By Carrie Wellman

The mainstays
A crawl through the bars you may know about
By Dora E. Ragin

Shacking up
Where to sleep in Chapel Hill when your bed’s too small
By Alex Henderson and Brett Bumgarner

Online extras

Pampering on the cheap in Chapel Hill
By Carrie Wellman

Noise police
How to keep the peace
By Carrie Wellman

Great grub
Food to get you through a day, or an all-nighter
By Alex Henderson and Stephen Largen

Off the beaten path
Hidden nuggets of Durham’s bar scene
By Dora E. Ragin