Listen up, all you men who get tired of shaving your face every day. If you think you can grow an exquisite beard or mustache in a couple of months, you can compete in the Inaugural Oak City Beard and Mustache Competition on July 19 at Kings.

Both growers and admirers of impressive facial hair are welcome at the event, hosted by the Triangle Beard and Mustache Club. The year-old organization felt that the area needed a competition where locals and out-of-towners could get their Whisker Wars on.

“We went to other beard competitions in Greensboro and Charlotte and Virginia,” says president Justin Cox. “It was like, ‘Man, we need to have something in Raleigh.’ I always tell people beard competitions are the equivalent of Toddlers and Tiaras for men.”

But it’s not just men who can take part in the festivities. Women also compete in some creative categories. “[Female competitors] make their own facial hair, so we have two categories,” says Cox. “There was actually another competition where a guy shaved his beard and his girlfriend made her own beard out of it. And then you have these crazy, unrealistic beards where women will take pieces of metalkind of like Rosie the Riveterand make [a beard] out of them.”

The Triangle Beard and Mustache Club is also looking to help the Raleigh Rescue Mission with this event. “That’s where all our proceeds will go,” says Cox, noting that this is just the beginning for the Club’s charitable efforts. “We’re a young club. Hopefully, by the end of the year, we’ll be able to [do more,] whether it’s cleaning up a local park or partnering with Toys for Tots, something like that. We want to be a presence in Raleigh.”