Our Editors’ Fall Picks

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You know fall is in the air when a certain squash-based seasoning starts filling up store shelves.

While some autumn indicators are as consistent as the seasons, the Triangle’s arts scene is less predictable than the leaves. In our Fall Guide, we report on exciting new developements that will directly affect your art-going experience for the next few months and beyond.

They include a reimagined permanent-collection display at the Nasher, a new Durham company aiming to racially rebalance local theater, a renovated home for N.C. State’s arts presenters, a cornucopia of new luxury cinemas, local visits from Pulitzer-winning authors and an array of oddball sports at Wheels Fun Park (pickleball, anyone?).

We also include my Editor’s Picks for must-see shows and exhibits this fall in the performing arts, visual art and readings, plus Grayson Haver Currin on music and Craig D. Lindsey on comedy. My choices reflect my personal tastes, based on a deep dive into everything the Triangle has to offer this fall. I didn’t even need to impose any rules about representing every major presenter because they all have something amazing on offer. If you’re an art lover, there are few better places to spend fall than right here at home.

Fall Guide 2015