“I am the singer of a band called The Veldt, and I feel you should ‘be’ the part, not play it. Playing the part implies it’s not real, and everything about me is real.”

Daniel Chavis of The Veldt

“I want my outfit to express the kind of person I am on the inside and how I’m feeling on a certain day. If I’m under the weather I’ll wear something a little more bundled up, darker shades. If I’m feeling super-creative and friendly then I’ll wear something bright and colorful like this.” Daniel Vanatta of Raleigh

“Style is how willing you are to be different rather than following the trend … There’s this power many perceive in having on a lot of pricey items, but that’s just not my motif.” Max (quoted) and Leopoldo Romero of Wilson, N.C.

“Even though I focus on clean, timeless, classic pieces that can interchange, my mood changes daily, so I think that style is an expression of one’s personal mood that evolves as we go through life.” Kendra Leonard, owner of Raleigh’s The Art of Style

Lexi Logan, Chapel Hill

Hannah Chapman of Raleigh, after going to the gym


“A friend said something about style that stuck with me: If you’re trying on an outfit, you should look down at yourself, and if that feels good, then you are ready to rock!” Emma Dunlap-Grube of Chapel Hill

“Style is a look inside one’s personality. Fashion is life, color, beauty, and, most of all, art!”Jamal Corbitt of Chapel Hill

“Style isn’t as important as feeling comfortable in my skin and being my true self. If what I’m wearing doesn’t reflect that, I can’t function. There’s more important things than thinking about what you are going to wear every day. So I end up wearing lots of tight black clothes and boots, which makes me feel like a ninja. Brit Hamlin, visiting Durham from Asheville

Parker Liam Harris of Durham

“Style is the free expression of who you are and a means to tell the world what about yourself without saying anything at all. My personal style is subtle and calm with a loose eye on the details. I’m always on the move, so I generally choose pieces that are more functional and long-lasting versus hip and trendy.” Danny Pacitti, former N.C. State wrestler, with daughter Ryder