Many pets have Instagram accounts, but few ascend to internet fame and glory, amassing more followers than their human counterparts. Here in the Triangle, we’ve chosen the rare breeds that beat the odds with their unique features, undeniable cuteness, or heart-wrenching tales.

If you aren’t following these adorable beasts yet, congrats on still having a life. 

Ryder No Eyelids


As the handle suggests, Ryder is a cat with no eyelids. He lives in Raleigh, where he sleeps with both eyes open in a perpetually derpy stare. His hobbies include gazing longingly into the distance and grooming his bright white eyelashes.

Oak City Kitty


We’ve written before about the notorious fat cat Tucker, the unofficial king of Raleigh’s Fayetteville Street. Behold his sheer girth and utter indifference toward human life. The twenty-five pound, twenty-two-year-old shelter rescue has only one passion: food. He’s not above eating off the pavement.

Holden the Golden 


No two ways about it: This is just one good-looking dog. His luxurious locks flow in the breeze as he chases a ball (or the paparazzi). With nearly fifty thousand followers, this Raleigh pooch is basically a pup-size model. In 2018, Holden was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and congestive heart failure, but he’s been able to turn things around thanks to a diet overhaul. He’s now a registered therapy dog.

Hamilton the Pig 


Fans of the Carolina Hurricanes may already worship the team’s unofficial mascot. Hamilton, a ninety-pound potbelly pig, is allegedly a good luck charm at Canes games, which he attends from the luxury of his wagon. (Hey, they made the NHL Finals this year, even if things didn’t quite pan out.) His passions include tailgating and free carrots. Who are we to argue?

Peach the Duck


A month after Peach was born, owner Bridget Cady noticed that the Pekin duck was having trouble waddling. X-rays determined had scoliosis. Instead of letting Peach go belly up, Cady started a GoFundMe to get Peach a special duck wheelchair. (Don’t even pretend that’s not adorable.) Give her a follow and check out her owners’ other fowl, which include roosters and hens.

Miss Biscuits Fat Cat


Turns out Tucker isn’t the Triangle’s only Instagram fat cat. Hailing from Durham, Miss Biscuits is a rotund tabby with movie star eyes. Her biscuits may bring all the boys to the yard, but her hobbies include yoga and napping on her human’s treadmill.

Kiwi & Truffle


Rodents aren’t known for their sophistication, but these two guinea pigs enjoy the finer things in life, like tea parties with miniature china and blueberries served on a bed of fresh lettuce. Kiwi is a cream-colored diva and Truffle is white with orange spots. See them don flower crowns and frolic like Coachella hipsters on their Raleigh lawn.

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