Canine Playgroups and Boarding

(From the advertiser…)

When you pull up to Doggie Spa, the first thing you see are bright colored buildings in the middle of a serene country setting. Nestled on 11 country acres is a peaceful place to let your dog stay while you are out of town.The owner, Kirk Korley, conceived and opened Doggie Spa, back in 1998, when he was working in telecommunications, and looking for a place to board his dog. Putting his dog above his career, he decided to leave the corporate world and create Doggie Spa and Day Care. A place where dogs could be in rooms (not crates or cages). And socialize with other dogs (not be isolated) until the owners’ could return.

The boarders get 3 hour play times (2 on Wednesday and Sundays!) And they are open every day of the year!The buildings were designed with an animal behaviorist; only twelve rooms per building. Dogs are not barking consistently at each other. When the staff go into a building to let the boarders play, others are relaxing comfortably in their rooms.Dogs are matched up by play types. Age and size are included in that decision. Doggie Spa has several different groups; geriatric groups included. Kirk has a special soft spot for senior guests. The dog he started Doggie Spa for provided lots of experience on how to board and handle geriatric special guests … more people contact, special foods, whatever it takes to make them happy.

So check out Doggie Spa for yourself. They’ve won BEST IN THE TRIANGLE seven years running; obviously they are the people’s choice. Check it out and call for a tour. The mascot, DAME EDNA the hound dog, will happily show you around!