In.Out. Fit.

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Celebrating our 8th year anniversary, Rapid Results Fitness, a kettlebell based group exercise program, offers two things to busy individuals of all ages that this area has never seen: 1. A high quality comprehensive fitness system designed to empower, strengthen, and reinvigorate not just your physical state, but as importantly, your mental and emotional states-empowering individuals to an easier, more gratifying, stress-reduced life, and 2. A program that is exclusively designed around the world’s most versatile piece of hand-held exercise equipment in the fitness industry today: the Russian Kettlebell.

It allows for simultaneous strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and core strengthening without your feet ever leaving the ground-alleviating the stress and trauma to the joints experienced with traditional forms of training such as running and machine circuits.

Testimonial: What Betsy has developed at Rapid Results Fitness is truly something unique and special in the fitness industry. I have always considered myself a “fit” person. I have tried most exercise forms and have typically been pleased from a cardiovascular perspective. However, as a female, the anaerobic “weight training” component of my workouts has always been a struggle. I would incorporate weights and just never feel like I saw results ie muscles! Betsy and her team at Rapid Results have changed that. Learning to use Kettlebells has been the best thing I have ever done. Rapid Results program consists of safe, challenging, effective workouts that challenge me mentally and physically to achieve the best cardiovascular and muscular workout possible.

If you are tired of doing the same old fitness routine and not getting the results you desire, you owe it to yourself to experience kettlebell training at Rapid Results Fitness. For the best in meeting fitness goals and achieving rapid results in fat loss and gaining lean muscle mass, all injury free, Rapid Results Fitness provides the answer. Unparalleled expert instruction in how to use your body correctly the way it was designed to move.